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August 7, 2016

It’s called originality you should try it sometime.

I may have told you the story of how, when we started to build, Dave’s Brother and SIL suddenly thought their own house was too small so urgently went out to try and find a larger house¬†(jealousy has been their long serving friend)…They would find properties which they wanted to knock down and we can recall them even saying “Would you be offended if we built the same house as you guys”….yep, seriously.

It goes on…..when we went o Fiji, they they went so far as saying to us that we “flaunt our flamboyant lifestyle”…and have made some funny remarks along the way whenever they felt we were doing something better than them. I’ve kept my mouth shut….along the whole journey…but seriously enough is enough…

When we’d finished painting our place…they came over and asked what colour we used…and were very complimentary about our colour choices…well….

Today we went over to their house which they’re currently painting and they’ve completely COPIED OUR COLOUR SCHEME!! seriously WTF.

I know copying is a form of flattery – but seriously…..its driving me nuts. F@#k off already!!!