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November 20, 2016

The ongoing stress that is part of this life has to be maintainable…

Its good to have some stress in your life...

it would be boring without it…BUT…at some point you have to say ‘ENOUGH’

Try not to control as much as you have…

You can’t make everyone happy – its not YOUR job.

Your job is to be happy – and let that glow emanate from within.

Yes. You have responsibilities…

That’s why you choose to have a family

But those responsibilities don’t have to define who you are.

Remember this always..

They will be ok.

You’ll be ok.

It will be ok.

What good is this life if you want it to rush past so that you
can get to the less stressful part (that’s if you’ll make it…and there is such a thing as a ‘less stressful part’ )

At that stage there will be the biggest thing to worry about…your mortality.

So kick back, my love. Listen to your body, mind and spirit….when it tells you enough…it means it..

In the words of a Disney princess who just happens
to be played an infinite of times in my house (perhaps the universe shouting at me)…

…”Let it go”…