Internal Colours, Kitchen

Sometimes you have to listen to your gut..

September 9, 2015

I want everything the same as the display home

Why didn’t I listen to my own advice? I knew from the moment I opened the doors at Gledswood Hills that the Metford was the right house for us – right down to the floor tile. However, everyone kept urging me to put my own ‘stamp’ on the place by selecting different colours – I felt like I was cheating by going with the display – but you know what. F*ck it..

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Proud of my cousin, Jeremy

September 5, 2015

My cousin Jeremy and I were always very close – while the others bickered and bullied – we seemed to always share the same interests and like to hang out during family gatherings.

I’ve lived vicariously through him since his music career began – I’m so proud of his achievements  – for following his dreams and being true to himself on stage.

Well done Jeremy (Wishboner) – I hope the album makes it all the way to the big time!

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