About Me

I’m Amanda, I’m a UX designer who owns and runs a freelance business called Dizenya.

First and foremost I’m wife to Dave and mummy to 7 year old Luca and 3 year old Nicola, who was conceived through IVF.

I’m proud to be an unconventional mummy – who works, blogs, creates art and listens to dance music. I’m hopeless at cleaning and ironing but love making a mess in the kitchen cooking and baking wonderful treats and fattening food for my family and friends.

My business

In 2003 I launched, Dizenya.   I love what I do, it allows me to be extremely creative while providing me with a sense of freedom and accomplishment. I’m the one-stop-shop for everything design related.  I create logos, invitations, stationery and my passion…websites. When I’m not running Dizenya, I also work part-time as a web consultant for a major bank.

You can probably tell now – I love my work..and I love being busy.

My blog

I’ve been a blogger on and off since early 2000, its a wonderful way to share thoughts, ideas and aspirations whilst keeping a historical journal for reading when I’m senile.

One thing is for sure, I’m not a professional writer. I make grammatical errors, spelling mistakes – so bare with me.

I am inspired by many things – creativity, new products, typography, clean design, colour and emotion – and I like to share them with my readers. One thing most of my readers have commented on is the number of photos that I post.  I think it’s important to showcase for readers the same visual inspiration that I get when I see things.

Things I love

Family, pets, friends, flowers of any kind but particularly roses (hence the name!), music (especially from the 1950s and 60s as well as dance!), working in the creative industry, blogging, craft, baking, art, glossy magazines, travelling overseas, meeting new people.


I love hearing from readers – please drop me a line sometime at Rambling Roses HQ.