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Cubby house on a rainy day

December 20, 2014

Its the simple things in life that are often the best. The kids have inherited my love of cubby houses and all things that make you feel cozy on a rainy day. Today we made one in the lounge room and watched the old start-stop animation christmas movies like Little Drummer Boy and Roudolf the Red Nose Reindeer…reliving these experiences from my childhood enrich my life and intern theirs…and it also reminds me of mum.

They only get one childhood – make it the best.

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Crochet Gem

October 14, 2014

Nicola had outgrown the winter hats we bought for her and I didn’t want to spend any money buying a replacement for our US trip in two weeks time (she’ll be 18 months by the time winter rolls in again).

So I made one…

The first place I look for patterns believe it or not, is YouTube. I love following along with the instructions and if it’s a good channel they’ll have a printable version in a link somewhere.

This adorable little bonnet was a really quick and easy patten – the video instructions were average though..especially when it came to the back…so follow closely to the print-out.

It’s very rough..done while exhausted..but it will do its job.

Video intructions

Printable instructions



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Pass the glue…

March 19, 2014

No – the glue is not for me to get high off…we’re PG over here…

Luca, Nicola and I had a great day playing with a box of crafty stuff which I picked up from Kmart for $11. It contained bits and bobs of everything – wrapping paper, glitter, sequins, styrofoam and fluffy balls (which are sorta funny when you think about it…imagine if you manufactured them..”I make fluffy balls”)…LOL…sorry I digress..yes, we had a great time..and it goes to show how much I really need to show Luca how to enjoy this sortof fun rather than sitting on the lounge watching his ipod for hours.

Scissor cutting is really an important skill – which he hasn’t mastered yet and when you see him try and get his fingers in the slots you realise, wow, these are really tricky aren’t they!

Nicola was amused by the colour, she sat on my lap and happily coo’d while Luca talked his thought process behind making his magical ‘things’.

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