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New Home – Knockdown Rebuild with Rawson Homes

May 20, 2015

After 2 years of looking at display centres – getting our hopes up and then getting them crushed by all the additional hidden costs involved – we have finally decided to really take the plunge and get started.

Rawson Homes have a fantastic reputation and their pricing structure takes the hidden costs out considerably. From what it looks like – we get more bang for our buck and that has definitely put Dave at ease.

We went out to Gledsville Hills Homeworld on the weekend and found the house that fits all the criterias. I mean, lets face it, a new home in general, would be fanastic but we were pretty focused on having the kitchen as close to the back of the house as possible so that we could utilise the back of our long block. We eventually want to put a pool in and I want to be able to see the kids from all aspects of the back room.

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Family, Home, Inspiration, Lifestyle, New Home

An open letter from a Working Mother to a Stay-At-Home Mother, and vice versa

February 11, 2014

Dear Stay-At-Home Mum

Some people have been questioning what you do at home all day. I know what you do. I know because I’m a mum and for a while I did it too. 

I know you do unpaid work, often thankless work, which starts the moment you wake up, and doesn’t even end when you go to sleep. I know you work weekends and nights, with no discernible end to your day or working week. I know the rewards are joyous but few.

I know that you seldom have a hot cup of coffee or tea. I know that your attention is always divided, often diverted from a moment to moment basis, and you cannot ever count on completing a task in the one go. I know that you probably don’t get any down time when you’re on your own at home, unless you have a single child who still naps in the daytime.

I know the challenges you deal with daily, usually with no peer support or backup. The toddler tantrums, the toilet training accidents, the food battles, the food on the floor, the crayons on the wall, the sibling rivalry, the baby that never seems to stop crying. I know how the work seems incessant, like an endless cycle – you shop for food, prepare it, cook it, attempt to feed it to your children, clean it off the floor, wash the dishes, and repeat in three hours.

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