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Sephora Color Wonderland Palette

January 8, 2017


Reinvent your eye makeup everyday with Color Wonderland—a library of colours with two worlds inside. Open up and discover nude tones on the left and vivid pops of pigment on the right totalling 78 luxurious shades, including two eye pencils, base powder and highlighter. The most popular shades are sized bigger to last longer, so don’t hold back!

Palette Includes

  • 64 smaller eyeshadows (0.68g each).
  • 12 larger eyeshadows (1.47g each).
  • Base powder (3.76g).
  • Highlighter (3.76g).
  • 2 eye pencils (1.1g each).




Lifestyle, New Home

We’ve moved in!!

October 1, 2016

We’re not completely finished yet, things still need to go up on the walls, we’re in – and that’s the main thing…..


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