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Sometimes you have to listen to your gut..

September 9, 2015

I want everything the same as the display home

Why didn’t I listen to my own advice? I knew from the moment I opened the doors at Gledswood Hills that the Metford was the right house for us – right down to the floor tile. However, everyone kept urging me to put my own ‘stamp’ on the place by selecting different colours – I felt like I was cheating by going with the display – but you know what. F*ck it..

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Internal Colours, Kitchen, New Home

Freaking out with kitchen colours…

September 5, 2015

Kitchen’s are tough to design, they are the focal point of any home. Its the first place you invite guests to congregate… it truly sets the tone for your entire house.

When it comes to colours – the choices are endless and what I’ve discovered is that it can be overwhelming.

My main goal for our house it to ooze comfort – modern yet with traditional tones and above all – something that can be ‘on point’ for at least the next 10 years.

I am one to take risks and I think as long as I keep to the tonal hues for the entire house – it should definitely work nicely. But sometimes without seeing it in the flesh there is trepidation. Thankfully I’m able to fall back on my photoshop skills to mock it up…but it still makes me a little sick in my stomach to know once the colours are locked in – there’s no turning back!

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