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Off to LA

December 2, 2014

We said our sad farewells to the Guerrera clan in Waterbury and boarded the long plane ride back to LA. It was a pretty bad flight – we had the very back row and Nicola didn’t want to sleep at all – Luca was stuck in the middle – bored as usual – and the air hostesses were not very accommodating….But we arrived safe and sound and that’s all you can really ask for right?

We disembarked the plane and walked to the other end of the terminal where dad was getting off his flight from Hawaii too. We couldn’t have organised it any better…there was literally no waiting time for each other.

It was great to see dad so relaxed but I’m sure he had a few lonely moments thinking about mum whilst staying at the same resort they visited in Honolulu. Even as busy as I was in New York, I still thought of moments walking down 5th Avenue with mum holding her hand as we crossed the road – or visiting F.A.O Swartz together and looking in the doll section. God I miss her.

But it is all part of life to let go of the past and create new memories…and we were certainly doing that.

We were impressed by the hotel in Anaheim with adjoining rooms and large comfy beds and I knew that the week ahead would be exhausting but memorable.

Once we unloaded the luggage and got familiar with the hotel we walked up the street to Morton’s Steak House – best meal I’ve had on this vacation – however it was really pricey and we weren’t as dressed up as the other patrons. We were lead out onto the balcony for dinner – probably so that the other diners didn’t have to see us or hear whiny tired kids! LOL

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Family, Parenting, Travel

It’s good to be back – New York!

December 2, 2014

It was a whirlwind trip to the Big Apple – One Night and One full Day in the city that never sleeps – and well – I didn’t either whilst sharing a bed with Nicola! LOL
Lots of fun things with the kids, Hard Rock cafe for Lunch, Toys R’ Us in Times Square, Bryant Park iceskating, Rockafella Plaza…all the things you’d expect to do – we did and with 2 kids in tow.