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October 28, 2017

Busy but loving it….feeling summer approaching and looking forward to making more amazing memories

It’s been a busy month with baseball, dancing, swimming, confirmation and the normal pressures of life. The kids have had lots of fun doing these new things and although busy – we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Dave is now coaching Luca’s baseball team, its like wrangling cats but I think as much as he complains about the kids behaviour he loves doing it. The uniforms – chrisp white pants with green shirts and a green baseball cap. Its my favourite sport to play and to watch. I hope the boys stay with it for many years to come.

My work has been exceptionally hard the last few weeks – there’s been a lot of internal politics and I applied for an internal transfer. I was successful and after a lot of drama and wasted time trying to move teams (intentional holdups¬† by my original team) the head of marketing pulled me aside and told me he wants me to stay. He offered an alternative which was to move into the creative and design team and do more of a consultancy type work – and the move has been excellent. The work load has been stressful and hard to manage at times (much to the annoyance of Dave who sees me slogging work on weekends and late nights) but I think once the changes to the website have gone live and there’s internal hype – things should start to cool down again.

Friday is still my favourite day of the week – spent sharing banana bread and a coffee with Nicola, followed by ballet and Luca’s swimming lessons after school. This is usually followed by a take-out dinner and then the weekend starts. I cherish this time with the kids. I know how fleeting it is….

I might not be the most patient mum in the world – but when I see the kids active and enjoying activities other than ipads…it makes my heart sing. I remember all the things my parents let me try and I feel like I’m giving a nod to my past by providing this for my kids.


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