Nicola’s 4th Birthday

January 20, 2018

It was a pretty hot January day celebrating Nicola’s 4th birthday . We had organised Jess to come over early to look after the kids while we ventured out to get the meat, balloons and pick up the cake. We literally only had an hour to finish setting up, get ready and start prepping food before family would arrive.

Dave was buzzing around as usual – stressed and with an air of anxiety, while I casually ate the contents of the antipasto waiting for the darn coal fire BBQ to actually be hot enough to be cooked on. It was taking forever…and the antipasto and dips had been replenished 3 times already.

Dave puts a lot of emphasis on making sure the food is up to standard…and had spent quite a fair bit of money on meat ($170) – there was lots of fussing going on outside, I’d made a few snide remarks on how long it was taking and whether or not to put the potato bake on (my staple).

40 minutes had past and it was close to 1.30-2.00 (2 hours since guests arrived) and Dave was still cooking. I ventured outside when Dave had turned around….the foil tray bent and all the finished and cooked meat flew up in the air and then onto the grass.

There was no saving the meat- this is where the dogs shat…

First, I was pissed off….this was typical ‘highly-strung” Dave behaviour which had caused this…his stupid BBQ, his lazy alfoil trays (because washing the dishes was annoying)..and knowing that he had flicked around to venture inside with attitude which caused the tray to bend…and what I’m calling ‘meat-gate’ to start.

The meat was ruined…and there was Bec, Mia and I picking it all up and putting it in the bin so the dogs wouldn’t eat it (it was marinated in stuff they’re not meant to eat).

Dave was so embarrassed, frustrated and upset that he literally ran out the front to escape the shocked eyes from inside.

Once I had finished putting stuff in the bin…I joined him. I know he had been crying. I think I was in shock because I kept asking him “should I order pizza’s”. I even ushered my mother-in-law who was inside oblivious to come and chat to Dave.

Steve had a great idea – just go and get a couple of BBQ chickens for everyone to share.

He jumped in the car and literally saved the day. When Steve had returned, I set up all the food and kept a happy face. Dave however, was hiding and reading his phoen in the Walk-in Wardrobe.

I looked at him and said…”Dave, join the party because its not about you…its about your daughter!”

Yes,I felt sorry for him…yes, I told him I loved him…but his behaviour now…was not appropriate – he needed to man up…and join the rest.

Eventually he did – but he didn’t eat the lunch – which was a little shitty to Steve.

Regardless, Nicola had a wonderful day…and I think we recovered reasonably well.




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